Wise Holding (formerly Otherways) is a group of experts and entrepreneurs fighting for the transition towards an economy built on solidarity and responsibility. To do so, Wise Holding produces concrete tools to help companies, cities, and regions on their path to change. We work with experts, entrepreneurs, associations and citizens to make the world a more just place.

Our vision is that of an ethical and responsible economy, which places the human being and not money at its center. We dream of a world where individuals can fully realize themselves in their work, where companies help with social progress, and where entrepreneurs can release their pent-up creativity.

The old solutions do not work, which has resulted in an increase in debts and human misery. In order for the economy to become sustainable, we are convinced that it is humanity that has to be at the center of all of our activities. Companies shape the future and should not overlook human potential; it is the catalyst for society. Finally, we work to bridge the gap between civil society and private/public companies for the common good.

New Economy

Our main goal is to help the transition towards a sustainable economy. To do so we act as a catalyst, using these effective tools :

  • We develop methods to start, manage, progress and improve the projects of tomorrow. See in more detail on the pages for 7D-Value and 7D-Risk.
  • We train entrepreneurs and individuals to adapt to the economic transition as part of the Extrapreneurs program.
  • We also help big companies with their economic transition through the Extrapreneurs program.
  • We help individuals find fulfilment in their professional and personal lives with the 7D-Personal tool.
  • We are building a new school of economic thought with the Club of Brussels.

Our Team

Michel de Kemmeter

Chief Inspiration Officer

+32 (0) 475 26 65 55

Thierry Pauwels

Executive Consultant


Olivia Mariaule

Project Manager for Extrapreneurs

+32 (0) 498 70 70 37

Benoit Pitsaer

Project Developer


Antoine Arnould

Project Manager for Club of Brussels



Eliot Thielemans