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The TOOLBOX for economic transition.

Authors: Michel de Kemmeter & Emmanuel Mossay, introduction by Mark Eyskens.

For online order: email michel@uhdr.net

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Wise Holding (formerly known as OtherWays) is an experts do-tank whose mission is to develop Tools that will activate a genuine economic transition. These tools are created for initiators of change, companies, cities, regions, associations and NGOs.

Our vision

Activate tomorrow’s economy and restore its human aspect, as well as enable society’s stakeholders to generate synergies to achieve a sustainable and responsible economy.

Our mission

Set the stage for a perrenial  and ethical economy by producing structured and calibrated methods that will make it accessible to undertake, develop, manage and enhance projects for tomorrow.

Our business segments

Wise Academy aims at organising training courses, conferences, workshops and other initiatives destined to youth or any other professionnal interested in learning about the next economy.

Wise Companies measures intangible values with a specific tool – 7D-Value.

Wise Cities is a toolbox to guide governments through an urban sustainable and economic transition.

Wise Real Estate refers to visionnary real estate projects.

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