Our story

Wise Holding was created in 2006, then named UHDR (Universal Human Development and Research). In the beginning, this network of resources has a vocation to invent an alternative to a liberal economy at the end of its rope.

In 2008, Michel de Kemmeter, a multitasking entrepreneur and former panelist and best-sellers author, met Paul Mauhin, a business analyst and finance manager. Together, they wrote a book that would truly be at the basis of the newly founded UHDR company: “Le nouveau jeu économique” (The New Economic Game), a publication collecting various testimonies as well as a guideline on tomorrow’s business. The economic model developed in the book can be defined as sysmic economy.

nouveau jeu

The “Nouveau Jeu Economique” is available! (Currently only available in French).

Price: 24,95€ TVAC (delivery fee not included).

Click here to order it.

  Ideas that summarise this new economic model: 

  • Tomorrow’s economy represents a major opportunity for humanity’s development
  • Economy is made by and for humans
  • Intangible assets support the growth of a common wealth


Bert-Jan ter Hofte – Maastricht, The Netherlands

“Coherence by connection, harmony and lust for life. Both a fantastic complementary team & a well-designed step-by-step journey; bringing out my full potential in a disciplined way. Congratulations with a program that simply transformed for ever my insight and way of being !”.

Nadia Ouahmane –  Bruxelles, Belgique

“C’est bien au-delà de certains clichés que Michel nous a amenés à visualiser notre vie sous un angle différent, l’angle de l’essentiel composé d’une série d’éléments qui rendent notre existence plus agréable, car ils répondent avec satisfaction à nos multiples besoins tant dans sur le plan privé que dans notre vie professionnelle. Mais la condition sine qua non pour réussir à atteindre le bien-être optimal en plus de la performance, c’est la gestion du facteur temps. Michel m’a interpellée, car il incite à se remettre en question, à s’interroger sur les événements de notre vie, nos attitudes, notre culture, pas uniquement celle que nous prônons avec nos équipes, mais également celle que l’on se bâtit individuellement”.

Emese Moricz – Budapest, Hungary

“Be re-connected, otherwise you are just connected to your old convictions, you do with persistent benevolence taking you to traps of illusion. Get out of them with the 8-emergence. Thanks you ! I will use it ! I found new ways of keeping the energy and keep a healthy balance”.

Elisabet Sahtouris – Santa Barbara, USA

“Michel de Kemmeter is a practical alchemist who can help you tame your fear dragons and make them your allies. What could be more useful in these days demanding our full presence, integrity and courage to transform our shared world into the one we desire”.


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