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FullSizeRender (33)MICHEL DE KEMMETER  #NewEconomy #EconomyTransition  –  +32 (0) 475 26 65 55

Entrepreneur and innovator, he creates new tools and sets the bases for tomorrow’s business.

He shares his views on the next economy and society through keynotes and publications.

He wants to enhance initiotors of change in an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

He launched the Smart Inclusion project, and contributes to the development of the 7D-Value tool, as well as several training programmes.

He is in charge of Wise Holding’s restoration work of valuable materials.


OLIVIA MARIAULE – #ClubofBrussels – +32.498 70 70 37

She studied Philosophy.

She is partly in charge of the Club of Brussels project. 

She is passionate about esotericism and literature on personal and spiritual development.





EMMANUEL MOSSAY  #Summit of the Systemic Economy  #Toolbox New Economic Game  –  +32 (0) 495 55 73 85

  • Social economy activist as a business innovator and involved in the work of several NGOs and thoughts circles, he helps in creating the holistic tools to achieve an economic growth uniting conscious humans and their planet.
  • Pragmatic and passionate, he is busy organising the 2017 Systemic Economy Summit, helps drafting the practical version of “Nouveau Jeu Economique” and coordinates the Club of Brussels.
  • He is a nature-lover and practices meditation, tai-chi, aïkido and running.

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