Rethink the economy


We are currently experiencing an economic transition. As such, it is essential to set solid and sustainable bases for the future of our children, our businesses, and our global society. We have to act immediately, with long-term solutions in mind, considering we are facing a wide range of challenges, among which are:

  • Stagnation, that could shift toward an endless recession
  • A general indebtedness that increases mechanically
  • An aging demography, lonely and indebted
  • The environmental debt that never ceases to increase
  • The wide-scale destruction of jobs caused by automation and digitallisation
  • The deterioration of public material assets, poorly maintained and unadapted to a rapidly evolving society
  • The escalation of healthcare costs due to a rise in long-term sick leaves, stress, burnout, anxiety and depression
  • An edacution system unfit to prepare new generations to the needs of businesses and new economies
  • A misunderstanding of the value of cultural diversity, leading to guettoisation
  • A lack of small and middle-sized sustainable housing for rent
  • The underfunding of culture with a risk of communities’ identity crisis
  • Citizens’ lack of confidence in politics
  • A multiplication of obstacles to young people’s access to real estate Investment and long-term savings
  • A pension funds buble
  • A shortage of material resources
  • A significant rise in wastes production as well as the use of toxic products
  • Energy prices and sustainability
  • An exodus of talented people to higher potential countries
  • Unlimited-term immigration
  • A “wild” surge of new economic models that provide game-changing results in brutal ways
  • And so on.

Wise Holding’s objective is to rethink the current economy and envision its evolution. Our activities revolve around three axis :

  • Practical Tools for businesses, public authorities and citizens
  • Entrepreneurial projects with our partners
  • The Club of Brussels, a forum of thoughts gathering key actors of classic and transition economies.

This club of ideas and actions aims at becoming the new “school of economic thought”, following in the wake of Marx, Keynes, Chicago, and so on. Concretely, the Club of Brussels (COB) ambitions to be a gathering center for actors and intellectuals of yesterday, today and tomorrow who are inspired by new economic perspectives.

It is time we organise, understand and appraise that which is naturally emerging. From this chaos, new and promising economic spaces will be born.

The COB’s goals are as follow are to create a new movement of economic thought, to connect international decision-makers with researchers whose ambition is to establish new social and economic solutions, to attract new experts and participants, to produce inspiring and practical publications on a regular basis, and to inspire the political and entrepreunarial spheres.

One of our projects in-progress is the drafting of the “Humanifesto” which is the practical conversion of the many discussions and thoughts of the Club’s members.

Membership to the Club of Brussels is personnal, confidential and exclusive. However, if you are interested in contributing to the Club and its work, you may send a cover letter stating your motivation to become a COB member to Michel de Kemmeter (

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