EXTRAPRENEURS: Let Us Build the Economy of Tomorrow, Together !

Starting November 2017, Wise Holding is launching “Extrapreneurs” to push forward the businesses of tomorrow, and to prepare leaders, experts and entrepreneurs to the transition towards the new economy.

Business and economic models are at a historical turning point. As of 2025, two out of every three jobs will cease to exist or will transform completely, and the corporations of today are struggling in face of such change. To not only just survive, but to also adapt and ride the wave of change, we must develop new ways of conceiving of how to work within this new framework.

The Extrapreneur program is a response to all this.

In practice, an Extrapreneur is someone that we take out of their daily work environment so as to connect them with the outside world and and discover opportunities across sectors. The profiles of the Extrapreneur take on many different forms, including:

The “Corporate Champion”: who works in a company
The “Young Talent”: youth with an entrepreneurial spirit
The “Shifter”: whose career is in transition


A location based in Brussels, with ten companies and their champions, young entrepreneurs opening horizons, the managers in career transition giving a structure… And four months of training/action before putting it all in practice on a project. Coaches, mentors and experts will be there to assist the teams.

To download all the information on the 2017-2018 Extrapreneur Program (in french), click here

To sign up to the 2017-2018 Extrapreneur Program, click here

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