Wise Cities

Human progress in cities

Societal challenges overlap health, housing, mobility, work, citizenship, education, and energy. We cannot solve the associated issues one by one, neither do we have the time nor the money to do so. Most importantly, a solution for a function can become a problem for another function.

As such, bringing systemic solutions to these many challenges might just be the answer. But for this to work, we need to develop our systemic thinking processes and use the appropriate tools. Every city wants to be “smart”, but the “wise” one can develop itself if communities’ human intelligence takes precedence over technology.

Our belief is that we must develop this intelligence before investing in technology.

A territorial approach

A country or a city with a long-term vision and puclic authorities that agree on the creation of value is ideal to implement a “Wise Cities” approach. Activating stakeholders – citizens, academics, government, companies, trade chambers, associations and NGOs – is a prerequisite. Many cities are already working on this new dynamic, and share their experiences with us.

[Project in progress]


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