Economic Transition Center

Our incubator is the physical space where experts, entrepreneurs, and visionaries meet, discuss and work together. This is also where Wise Holding’s new activities are developed.

Companies carve the world, therefore they should never neglect their human potential. The Economic Transition Center assists businesses in creating and using new tools and experimental fields where their employees are part of of new economic system.

Old proceeds do not work anymore (inflation, debts, pressure, control). That’s why the Economic Transition Center analyses, prototypes and pilots solutions to generate new economic models, more sustainable and ethical.  We put humans back at the center of each of our actions and projects as we believe they are the catalyst of economy and society. We work in a holistic fashion, locally and globally, to (re)build bridges between civil, public and private sociaties for the purpose of common welfare.

We collaborate on a daily basis with experts, entrepreneurs, managers, researchers, and citizens who make use of our experience, tools and networks to reveal every person’s talents and share them in all dimensions of society.

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