Job Offer – extrapreneurs in the new economy

To sustain its growth, UHDR-Otherways is looking for:


UHDR found that innovation must not start in the core business of a company but in the periphery. Hard to convince entrepreneurs and managers to dedicate resources specifically to this mission when the teams are working to manage the day-to-day with busy schedules. It’s where the Extrapreneur finds its place.

You’ll closely support our clients to:

  • Create new or innovative ventures based on its excellence using our proprietary methods and framework
  • Turn around “old paradigm” businesses to help them enter the New Game
  • Be part of a team of intrapreneurship, extrapreneurship, spin-offs, innovation ventures to develop sustainable businesses from scratch
  • Experience and appropriate itself with the Set the New Game methods.

You’ll closely work with us to:

  • Support the development of UHDR/Otherways through participations in meetings, conferences, seminars where you believe we must be present…
  • Initiate any project you believe in that is aligned with our purposes.
  • Participate in the development of new ventures
  • Dedicate part of your time to the sourcing of our knowledge center
  • Develop our activities by presenting our experiences to prospects

Skills required

  • Dual mastery: a core competency of excellence and a peripheral one not especially related to the first one
  • Language: English and French/Dutch plus any other European language
  • High sense of responsibility – being able to support a project from initiation to delivery
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Think logically and multi-dimensionally, out of the basic linear framework
  • Developed team spirit – all projects are lead by two people: one main responsible and a backup, for mutual emulation and as part of our own risk management
  • Open-mind and curiosity
  • Integrity and humility
  • A good dose of humor and jovialness
  • Not afraid of taking controversial positions
  • Basic attitude expected

  • Will to create value for common good and communities
  • Desire to create impact for sustainable change
  • On a sincere personal path of improvement and personal power
  • Laugh from time to time
  • Enjoy waking up to work and provide once in a lifetime experience to our client
  • Return offered

We are highly demanding, and aware of it, to deliver high quality work…in return you can expect:

  • Evolving wage in line with your contribution to our future success
  • Pension plan – as we believe that we must support for your retirement and thank you for your dedicated work
  • Phone subscription as communication must not be a constrain but a leverage
  • Flex-time – the objective is that the work must be done and deadlines reached.
  • Homeworking allowed equilibrating your work and private life by reducing commuting when possible. We nevertheless trust in real exchanges.
  • Personal development to acquire or extend competencies

If the occasion occurs:

  • a stake in new ventures

We also offer a highly regarded network of experts, multiple ways to grow and personally excel. Your well-being and growth is at the core of our strategy.



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