DNA of the changemaker

Changemaker is not an easy job. Implicitly included in the job description is the ability to manage fears of change. Face many hurdles. Convince people that it is for the better. Soft skills are paramount for the one who claim to be part of this community of solution-makers.

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During the systemic economy summit #2, four top experts shared the needed DNA of the changemaker.

The changemaker has a dream As we all have. The difference with the majority of people is that he dares to act to make it a reality! He dares to try…and, sometimes, fail. Rebound against difficulties. Martin Luther King is one of the best example we can find to illustrate this. “I have a dream!”

The passion to solve a societal issue is the driver, the energy pumped by the changemaker. His energy is not drained by too many questions, “what-if” and other unimportant issues. Action is at the heart of what he does.

The change maker is made of 6 main skills:

  1. Empathy
  2. Creativity –> find alternative solutions to an issue
  3. Team player –> Taking into account the opinions of the others he master collective intelligence
  4. Leader/Entrepreneur –> Lead the team and give recognition to all the members for the success. Only he takes the blame.
  5. Tenacity –> there are (many) bumps on the road ahead. Question is: Will driving on them broke the envy or make the will even stronger?
  6. Humility –> recognise when something fails. Understand why. And move on.

On top of these skills, the changemaker:

  • is a “Yes Man” by default. By opposition to “No. But…”
  • Amplifies the weak signals. Always looking for the best path to reach its goals.
  • Creates a protected space for ideas emergence
  • Uses leverages of impacts
  • Arranges unlikely alliances, finding the resources where they are
  • Optimises the project by revising it many-multiple times
  • Includes the stakeholders in the discussion (3d key of the systemic economy principles, Working with stakeholders!)
  • Adapts itself to its audience constantly
  • Is able to find energy in the critics. No tide will change his cap.


Are you one of them? What do you think? Let us know!


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