Your guide to the
economic transition

A sustainable economy, made for and by everyone.

With you, Wise Holding implements an innovative and inclusive alternative to the traditional economy.

We build bridges between the economy and a practical form of spirituality.

Wise Holding (formerly Otherways) is a group of experts and entrepreneurs fighting for the transition towards an economy built on solidarity and responsibility. To do so, Wise Holding produces concrete tools to help companies, cities, and regions on their path to change.

At Wise Holding we defend the idea that the economy and practical spirituality are not opposed. What we mean by "spiritual" is to look beyond materialism and focus on the hidden qualities of the human spirit. Inner processes have a large impact on on how we interact with the world at large, which is why we emphasize the importance of finding meaning and coherence. This is an essential philosophical consideration for anyone who wants to build an economy that embodies sustainability, innovation and inclusivity.

Our Expertise

In-depth knowledge of the systemic economy

In 2012, Michel de Kemmeter (founder of Wise Holding) invented the principles of the systemic economy.

Inspired by natural ecosystems, this economic approach takes into account how everything is connected.

For each problem, we have a systemic response, such as forming new links with different stakeholders and creating added value.

Valuing the immaterial

Today, 87% of a company's value is immaterial ! We will calculate the intangible value of your corporation !

The 7D Value tool will allow you to evaluate and visualize the 7 levels of immaterial value of your company. What we will do is to assist you so it can be transformed into financial capital.

Change management

We facilitate companies in how they transition.

With 15 years of experience, we have studied and developed the six concrete steps needed to effectively integrate change in a company.

Bringing out the best in people

Our ambition is to bring out the personal greatness of each and every indvidual.

We use various techniques to connect everyone with their creative energy, so they can self-realize both professionally and personally. Meaning and motivation are indispensable to a project's success.


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