15 reasons why Big Brother already lost his “new world order”

We are in the middle of “the last battle” between good and bad. Between Big Brother and the humble, between machine and humanity…

But now, 2013, I pretend big brother has lost the war. We are over the tipping point.

Why ?

brave new world 1984 george orwell - do we want this ???

  1. Demography and “Generation Z” tsunami: The « old school » were very powerful business, political and lobbies – I say guys because if they were women the whole picture would be very very different – they are now close to retirement age, if not way over. Succession is not guaranteed. Lots of Gen X and Y have gone through ordeals of life, mid-life crisis and so on, and have done a detour through personal development and a search for purpose and meaning. They are lost for the « new world order cause ». Nothing will get them back to shark business and manipulation. Lots of them were in banking and were very critisized socially, so they moved (or were moved) to other kind of jobs, more in line with their new values. Most of the Z-Generation, a tsunami of 3 billion youngsters, have diagonally opposite values : authenticity, ethics, sustainable development, human progress and solidarity. They are absolutely aware of the mess left by our generations, who worked for growth and accumulation without noticing the collateral disasters. and are waiting their moment to refuse payment of the 3 generations debt dumped on their heads. They are waiting for « the old generations » to leave, so they can build a truly new sustainable human added value world. This will mark history, whether we want it or not, whether it pleases us or not.
  2. SME’s much more are in charge now: they are 99% of the employers. Their survival insinct is stronger than any attempt to globally control people. Big corp has shown their vulnarability, incapable of entering new agile business models through smart and systemic innovation. They are already dead actually for lots of them – even if their ego don’t want to accept it. Most of these big corp will collapse and are already leaving place to a myriad of project-based SME’s inside entrepreneurial ecosystems. A few Gen Z’s can create a multinational company from home acting as a new entrant to compete with global players. This is way over the head of the dinausaurs of the old new world order… they are lost and cannot control this emergence any more. It’s way too complex and decentralized. They have lost their centralized corporate vehicles. The boards of the remainder are lost too, because they had so much pressure and fear to deal with the last decennia, and close to burnout. Remember, the boards will be the first rats to leave the sinking ships. Just open any newspaper for examples. These managements just don’t care, they just try to save their own.
  3. Internet – social networks – public opinion: What the new world order people did not expect, is the power of interconnectedness, what it would carry as collective consciousness raise, awareness and information. Look what happened in the arab spring and turkish summer with social networks. Any scandal hits the fan in minutes. Too difficult to manipulate the mainstream « above the line » press and media. They try, but nobody is believing any more the lies they try to inject into the public. Social unrest is what “they” are the most afraid of. Its power. A few tweets can freeze a whole economy for weeks. Financial and political interests can collapse in a few days or hours. Together, we are a million times stronger than a few power-hungry people. The only obstacle would be fear. Fear of the terrorists, of financial austerity, of violence. But look what can happen in the worst case : how much creativity, resilience and solidarity emerges within suffering of the first days. « They » will not show the human beauty that emerges, but there are tons of testimonies on social networks of fascinating initiatives creating true purpose. Open your selective observation on these, and share them, inspire from them ! Ethics, common good and authenticity are definetely emerging as new values. The lying, cheating, stealing, robbing of the powerful has become difficult to sustain. Even small shit floats and eventually will hit the fan. « They » get a hard time to sustain this. Just look at their lost war agenda on Iran and Syria.
  1. Topping economies – Volatility – Vulnerability of currencies:

Our debt-based consumption economy has reached a glass ceiling. It can only survive with 2,25% growth. We are very far away from it, and western states are cheating on the figures to fake continuity. Ecological disasters, recessions, currencies floating on hot air, are just a few consequences of this obsolete model. This can only collapse, due to mechanical effects which are already widely known. Everybody is watching the plug and waiting to hit and kill the one who dares to pull it… Nobody dares for the moment… It’s like the farmer who loves his turkeys but will eventually kill them all on 22 december. Whether the turkey wants it or not. Its a miracle how this has not happened yet. We just have bought us a little time to prepare for it. No, its not a double dip, its a flatline expecting a quantum shift of consciousness, with emergence historical scientifical, societal and spiritual milestones. No american will be able to pay back the 60.000 billion$ plus of private and public debt. No way. So what is the scenario you think ? Concretely and pragmatically ? Does somebody know ?

  1. Resources peaking

The big corp managing extraction have protected their shops by manipulating governments, public opinions, through billions of lobby, bribery and wars. Rare minerals, fossile fuels, wood and fishery, and all other exhausted natural resources ALL have alternatives waiting to emerge. They were pushed under the carpet in numerous dirty ways. “They” even have been dreaming about speculating on the oil barrel price to over 400$ by controlling all the resources of their « friends », but they have lost the game. It would have been the biggest robbery in history. Now time has come for truly sustainable alternatives to exist. Whether « they » want it or not. The curves and prices projections are widely known and absolutely unsustainable in many ways, economically, ecologically, humanly. Especially our kids and GenZ’s who will have to manage all this will be seriously angry with us because these curves are well inside their life perspectives. Find yourself a place top hide if you don’t want to be killed by your own child… with good reasons. We collectively created a multiple generation high combined and complex liability which they will refuse to pay for.

  1. Hyper-regulation, inertia and burnout of supra-national organisations

Control implies rules and regulations. All these are slowly but surely freezing entrepreneurship and development. Big organisations creating them are heavy, slow, and full of people who are not well enough connected to pragmatic reality of the field, and even less aware of the systemic connexions between issues. So they are bugging, burning out, becoming depressed (ex. over 50% of the workforce of EU administrations), and creating huge societal liability putting a halt on innovation and creative systemic entrepreneurship. These « organs » are tools of the powerful to enable new world order. The are useless. Forget it.

  1. People move : manage diversity – enriching education about different cultures

We now all have at least one arab friend, a jewish and a black one, and even a christian and a chinese one. Our kids travel to other continents to study, to discover, to learn about the world. Others migrate towards western world in masses. The tipping point of diversity is passed years ago. Soldiers do not want to obey orders to go and destroy villages with families in those piloted business-wars. Collective consciousness that we are “one people on one planet” has now reached a non-return point. Our businesses have to deal with polish workers, lithuanian managers, romanian health care personnel, chinese owners, etc. Gender diversity is a must to manage balance, cultural diversity is a must to develop export markets and deal with war on talent. That’s it. New world order has no grab on this any more to divide people. It became a must to truly encounter and collaborate. Whether we want it or not.

  1. Stress and psychological distress

The vortex of life has accelerated so much that people cannot stand it any more. Information travelling at speed of light, time spend in traffic jams, pressure for results, austerity. Normal rythms of life have been trespassed. Over a third of western population suffer from mental illnesses (stress, anxiety, burnout, depression,…). Putting even more pressure by manipulation, wars, fears, will freak out the rest of us. That would be the end of it and « they » know it. Even themselves are suffering from stress. Imagine such an intention : rule the world… what a responsibility, what a hassle ! I’ve seen super-rich people isolated in their houses, having to manage personnel, yachts, several houses and appartments worldwide with workers, with their own children freaking out, several companies with problems… it’s also becoming too much for the so-called « powerful ».

The key is calm down, mindfulness, meditating, looking for purpose. If you do this, true, coherent and authentic answers will come, whoever you are – even a reptilian :-). Even if your ego wants to rule the world… sooner or later eveyone will realize that if you want to control your future, you first have to develop self-awareness, self-confidence, authentic reconnexion. And that work will leave no space for lies, theft, cheating and other rubbish. New world order is out.

  1. Complexity & Risk

Another funny phenomenon is that our structured linear 2D industrial capitalist debt-based ego-driven world has opened to 3D interconnectedness. But a consequence of that is a fantastic complexity, everything is connected to everything in a systemic way. Look at how governments were surprized that 1€ austerity measures led to 3€ of lost value. But it’s so logical. Our brains are not brainwashed for 3D, but for obsolete 2D. No, worse – it was in 3D when we were kids, but it was rewired not to be creative, not to be authentic, not to be perceptive and curious. Now we have to learn it again. Not because we like it, but because we have to deal with risk coming from everywhere else. If we don’t, we die. New world order and the powerful are NOT wired like that, so the GenZ has a big advance. « They » cannot attack agile, interconnected, 3D, entrepreneurial, curious people. Look at how Snowden and Assange bugged the « system » with a few dollars and smart hackers. You and me too can bug the system very easily with humor, common sense, pragmatically. How ? By re-wire our brains in creative 3D, be curious, carry systemic projects. And by developing a quality « they » definetely don’t have : LOVE. Love yourself, love people, love your job, love life. Love is the antidote to stress, complexity and risk-aversity.

  1. A liability is an opportunity : manipulation and provoking conflicts leads to inventing new solutions

They kind of forgot their basics of financial analysis. A problem, a need, a liability on the right side of a balance sheet, is considered as a resource balancing the assets. Ex. A loan serves to buy a machine. The loan is a liability. Like a problem, a challenge, a shock, a war, an ordeal. All the latter, once dealth with, makes the subject stronger.

The monkey business ran by the « big guys », in collaboration with international politics and big corp, is pushing people to find new creative solutions. To survive. Obliging farmers to use expensive and toxic seeds and products creates movements against and ways to go around it ; manipulation and casino behaviour by banks pushes citizens to alternative and other safer and ethical banks currencies ; manipulating the gold, resources and fossile fuel prices pushes people to invent alternative resources and energy solutions. So actually, we could even say : « go on with it – the more you press the people, the faster is going to emerge the world we dream of ». They cut the grass under their own feet… Creating wars for energy and business-agendas will be more and more difficult. People will start really to revolt inside the attacking countries themselves, and mobilize public opinion so the governments will finally have to backup. It’s all a question of information, education and human maturity. These three are rizing every day exponentially. Citizens are fed up being lied to and being manipulated. They will – at some point – scream their will to be free, in a true autonomy to co-create a sustainable future for our kids.

11. Immaterial value = human value = over 250 trillion euros of potential

New value streams are invisible. Knowledge, information, communication, relations, diversity, service and social value, new processes and methodologies,… these all cannot be grasped. They are all carried by people who want to progress and learn, and also even who want to survive. « They » cannot grasp all these and thus cannot control them. Big Data is only 20% of all the data. Material tangible value is only 15% of the total value. As difficult it is to develop new business-models for knowledge economy, as difficult it is to control all this. Its a planet-sized organized chaos. Several recent cases of attempts to grasp opinion leaders failed. Worldwide public opinion is focused on the leaders trying to kill them – and whenever it happens wait and see what will happen to them. You know their names. Actually, the more they behave like ego-driven control freaks, the faster they will collapse. Dictators, corrupt politicians or half-cooked leaders do not serve the new world order, on the contrary – they accelerate their collapse. So let them do !

The most dangerous leaders are populists, pseudo-new age, new guru types – so-called “new paradigm”, but ego driven. Because they do the same corrupt monkey business, but with another lie, even bigger : new deep human promises, but keeping the citizen dependent from them even more. No true humble path to authentic reconnected reality. No humble questioning. Ex. this banned TED video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKHUaNAxsTg (imagine this invisible so-called scientific board of TED banned this exquisite humble video).

We’ll probably need a few waves of new type leaders to make new mistakes, but to bring us slowly but surely to a next consciousness level of human progress and sustainability.

So the biggest sleeping underactivated value is human potential. When you consider the lastest discoveries on neurosciences, human development, spiritual and mindfulness techniques, and their power to unleash fabulous creativity, entrepreneurial drive, autonomy, curiosity and learning capacity, the least we can assume is that western payrolls are a very very big waste. Like heating a low energy house leaving doors and windows open. A gigantic joke, like throwing aproximately 100 million dollars every day in the fireplace. Not even calculating the collateral damage of wasting people’s time, health and moral by obliging them to do a job they don’t like, with people they don’t love, for people they don’t care about, destroying value on all levels.

It is scientifically proven that purpose is the highest motivator of a human being. It gives energy to go through fire. Well, opportunities to find purpose in a world full of challenges will emerge by millions, driving all these people on their personal quest – blowing away any attempt to control them. Yes, the new world order will have a hard time…

  1. Blindness for emerging businesses

Western countries are entering long term recession. Emerging economies are slowing down. Dictatorships are being transformed bottom-up. While « they » are trying to recuperate lost causes, day after day, smart people (esp. young people because the old are way too afraid for that) are learning, experimenting, finding alternatives to old fashioned big corp solutions. These people are humble and work in silence. They don’t make high waves. Like the forest grows. Once in a while a big tree falls down and it makes lots of noise. But silent growing goes on and on, with a huge energy. But grassroot does not appear on the radars of new world order people… so these grassroot initiatives cluster together till all of a sudden, a huge complex vivid and alive young enlighted sympathetic multi-headed monster appears that « they » cannot kill any more. Oh yes, they will try to buy those young monsters. Look at what happened with Microsoft, Google, Facebook. But the attempts of controlling the monsters from inside will kill them. Period. They’ll have to let go. It is already out of control. Others will just smile and cynically suck the rest out of « them », follow their heart, and do whatever they have in mind.

  1. Collective consciousness

Look what happened in Brazil, Bulgary and Turkey in summer 2013. Nothing at all rang a bell, there was absolutely no apparent reason to think that such revolts would happen. They could go on droning for 10-15 years on over 5% growth rates as the rest of the western world would drown into recession. No. A collective scream from the base, not caring about the repercussions of their revolt on mainstream economy. « We exist – we want to live happily, in a nice world. We do not want to be controlled by dictators and manipulators ». This was a huge surprize. One single explanation : people are connected through collective consciousness. Remember the story of the 100th monkey ? Yes, read it. That’s what happened. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hundredth_monkey_effect )

« They » cannot cuth the head of a growing tree forever. The rest of the forest is growing way too fast to follow.

So for us it just means : go on with your personal development, team up with others in meaningful projects, contribute to common good, create multiple value streams (http://uhdr.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/7D-Value-R1-v3b-koen.pdf ) , radiate around you love and light as well as connecting to your pragmatic roots, penetrating mother earth.
14. War for talent

« They » also have to hire young talent to run their businesses. Yes, there are numerous stories about young and hungry avid sharks who want to make millions in wall street, exploding in flight, becoming zombies or depressing. True smart people do not play their game any more. Or maybe just for a short cynical time. War for sustainable talent will be harder every day to serve new world order. Even their own next generations are questioning family values, and go on their personal quests to serve common good.
15. Law of the market : pension funds are shifting thein investments from big corp to impact investing

Last but not least. The financial markets. The « money talks »… Well bad news, public opinion has been so against big corp like Monsanto or big banks that large pension funds – the worlds biggest pockets – are slowly pulling out of those as shareholders. It has been now proven that impact investing pays better, sustainability pays better, responsible behaviour pays better, investing in human capital has huge ROI. Well, if those old boys walk away from them, they quickly will be left alone. No regrets.

Who is who at Big Brother ?

Some names pop up like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, and their valets like Kissinger and Bush. They indeed decided of the worlds future and created wars (this is largely documented). But they would not be able to stand where they stand if we, the standard citizens didn’t play « their game ». Their game which was for centuries : create a problem, and afterwards come up with a solution which slips a little more power for themselves and their companies – taking away a littelmore of our freedom.

But if you « follow the money & the power », you eventuelly get back to us citizens, because big money, big corp is owned by big pension funds, which is actually ours…  oups.

So we are, actually, in charge – eventually. Politically too, elected governments are at the image of their people. Even dictators with big egos are often at the image of egos of the people.

The key is – eventually, whether you want it or not – our responsibility. Yours and mine…

As a concrete example, here you find a video of Prins Willem Alexander, son of one of the founders of the Bilderberg group, his mother the queen Beatrix, where he announces a major shift in the welfare state. Of course this speech attracts furor of numerous stakeholders (like of course the unions) who do not want to see and accept hard and pragmatic reality.


Explaining article :


What does this mean for us ?

We will be less and less dependent on « them », being the welfare state, big corp for lifetime jobs, from powerful political parties and lobbies. They will have no control any more over our lives, and thus we’ll have to :

  • be more independant, developing autonomy
  • learn every day about new technologies, understandings, societal models
  • be more « human », offer purpose and mobilize around projects creating human progress
  • get out of youre comfort zones, put yourself in danger to explore new dimensions of your life and of the world
  • Don’t believe people – even with a nice speech – who are in ego-trips. There are several notorious cases of “new paradigm” ego gurus or supposed facilitators surfing on just another hype wave. Follow your intuition, your heart. Because they could enroll you into a new world order with another hat…
  • Together, lets make this new world order the “old world order” and push it into our humanity’s archives of history.

Michel de Kemmeter