4 reasons why we didn’t need global conspiracy to stay in slavery


1. Fear is the major drive to keep moving: individually and collectively, it is the major drive to action bosses, businesses, governments, lovers, people in general have used to control behaviour of others. This motivator imprisons inside negative reptilian emotions.

2. Greed and selfishness: these are also based on fear, but in a higher evolution. Especially in the western world, people became very focused on themselves, and lost connexion with common good of communities. Its easy to manipulate lonely and fearful people.

3. The pyramid principle: all these primary negative emotions imprisoning eveyone are leveraged by people “higher” in the pyramid of hierarchy. Corporate, administrations, politics, business, etc. When we get to the top, the supposed “happy few” also are imprisoned in their own fears – and actually – depend on the base (like politics depend on elections and businesses depend on clients). So the dog is continuously running after its tail, and seriously damaging it, and getting very tired.

4. The rule of appearances: as most of us only believe what we see, and only react on things that happen around us, its easy to send signals to people and expect a quite consistent response from all people in emotional and conviction slavery. Advertising and geopolitics know very well how to do this.

So knowing these 4 principles, the supposed “conspirators” are actually just a part of the global system, maintained by all of us. If we would take them out, instantaneously new ones would be “put in place” by ourselves.

Check out my next blogpost to understand how we can free from “them” :-)

Michel de Kemmeter

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