5 reasons why we are freeing from slavery now

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1. Purpose becomes the major drive to keep moving:

Purpose, meaning, sensible noble causes, enrich ones life. This can make one go through fire. It fills with love, passion and energy. Internet has also contributed to the raising of “collective consciousness”. You can have discussions on the level of “wisdom” or “saints” of yesterday, with a taxi driver or cleaning lady of today. They know.

2. Love:

The biggest issue of life finally becomes non-taboo in corporate, in politics, in religions. In corporate we need clients to love our product, employees who love their teams and jobs, managers who love their mission. In politics we start to measure human progress and Gross National Happyness as a standard. In religions – which were just another way to manipulate masses – true spirituality starts to emerge, and true wisdom and humanity is adressed humbly in communities.

3. The connectedness principle:

We are all interconnected. We are also intimately connected to nature, to vegetation, to animals, to mother earth. Even to the universe as a whole. Scientific evidence emerges with the hundreds. One person releasing fear makes thousands able to do so too. One person healing negative emotions helps thousands of others. A good idea emerges left and right on the planet at the same time. So individual awakening, knowledge and consciousness, love and drive for freedom energies unlock everywhere, and nobody can stop this. Especially not those who are supposedly “in charge”. Fuck big brother.

4. The rule of antimatter:

Scientists have been looking for antimatter for over a century. It represents energy largely more than the visible tangible energy. They cheated for decennia on their calculations to hide it. But it is there, invisible, and sooo powerful. On an accounting balance sheet you have assets and liabilities. Assets are value. Liabilities are potential. As we are unveiling hidden liabilities, and now antimatter has been officially discovered, huuuuge amounts of energy will be available to create value, on several levels. Knowledge, emotional, relations, earth, processes, common good, financial and material. On microscopic, micro, meso, macro and universal levels: microbiology and chemistry; human potenial; company and organisation level; country level; global levels. We are heading a period of time that we hardly can dream of. It is such a privilege to witness this with you guys !

5. Emergence:

The falling of a tree makes more noise than growth of the forest. Whilst has-been companies and people, and “old” hierarchical structures are falling and collapsing, everywhere young and open people are inventing, creating, meeting up, joining forces, for the good of all. In a scream of freedom, longing for true existence. This “under-the-radar-movement” has never been seen before in history of mankind. It’s now – and you are part of it. Play your talents on it with us ! Set the New Game !

Actually – in the bigger plane – people attacking us only help us. They only want to keep you in fighting, they only keep running after your own tail (working your ass of and pay the game-keepers while turning). So you don’t activate as a leader and go out warming others, take action on real issues. So you wouldn’t say “this is about me, standing up, with my talents and specific personal power, going out, picking an issue and taking action”.

They oblige us to face our own fears, convictions and contradictions, and transform them – in a big scream – letting go suffering and expectations. Accepting, transforming and energizing ourselves.

Let “them” go to the end of their contradictions, let them do, the “energy” will kill them sooner or later.

Now you know what you have to do… go for it, and free from appearances of the matrix :-)

Michel de Kemmeter

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