7 hard reasons why our children will refuse to pay

Our children (in the western world) will have to pay for 2 generations for our mistakes of the last 15-20 years, for our pensions, for our healthcare.


But guess what, they could very well refuse to pay. Why ?

1. They were not asked if they agreed. In any deal or contract, two parties must agree upon terms. Our children were not asked; The deal is void. And even though younger have cared for the older, this time it’s slightly different… The debt today is over 10 times higher than in 1990.

2. There are more liabilities than assets in their heritage. In front of any notary, the heritage can be refused. The cost to care about elders, to renovate public buildings, interest on the debt, renovate energy and water supply, reforestation, cleanup of toxins and waste in soil, sea, rivers, air, and even in space,… is over quadruple the value of the assets in the heritage.

3. We lied to them, and hide information. Politics and leaders carefully hide all the crucial information on the quantitative projections on 1 generation. Any politic who would pull the alarm bell on current vulnerability would not be re-elected. They want to keep their jobs and so they keep silent… and keep our children in wonderland, knowing hell is at their door.

4. We all behaved in a non reasonable, emotional, and non pragmatical way. the successive bubbles were blown up by our ego, avidity, greed – and even after exploding we do not want to question deeply enough our behaviour. Afterv several crisises, no lessons learned, no new intelligence, no humility. This is not professional.

5. We never listen to them: who cares about the fresh and candid, common sense of our childern ? Who truly looks at them with awe, their unique talents, their maturity and wisdom ? Who truly helps them with their dreams ? Do you really think you do know better ?

6. We still do not care about their future: knowing the multiple disaster ahead, we still all behave like there is no other option than continuing digging the whole and enhancing the disaster. Next steps: elections; next steps: annual reports… who does care ?

7. They will not be able to pay anyway. We are heading 30 years of recession, and if things remain like that, if human creativity and societal innovation stagnate, there is NO WAY our children will be able to pay. End of story.

Follow us next week: “Why our children will agree to work with us on rebuilding the world after the big crash ?”

Michel de Kemmeter

UHDR UniverseCity founder