A Potential Systemic Crisis – What to do ?

Whether we want it or not, a global shift is preparing itself. All our efforts to put back the “system of yesterday” in place after the “apéritif” we had in 2008 feel fake. It will be like the fall of the Berlin Wall. All of a sudden a new world will be there. And everybody feels it and is afraid of change. But on the way we’ll be shaken and put in front of our responsibility: exist with our personal talents. As a person, as a family, as an organisation, as a country, as a creative humanity…   This is what we can do, urge ourselves to inner peace, create inner space to allow the new to emerge. And this world is only the top of the iceberg… as Eckhard Tolle says, most of the true change energy is under the surface, hidden, and can only be connected to if we create space to do so: time, physical space, emotional peace, openness to new ideas. The rules of creative thinking… Explore the hidden side of the icebergs, of jobs, cultures, religions, sectors of economy, politics, social issues,… take time and space. TAKE IT !

This picture (meta-systemics) illustrates how we are getting organized. Based on talents, on personal excellence, disruptive innovative groups are, as we speak, getting together around totally new and sustainable ways to deal with the huge challenges we are facing and will have to face.