Are you part of the problem or part of the solution ?


Are humans a plague ?

Look at this: (click to view on youtube !)

How can you check if you are part of the problem:

o Does the same mistakes, creating suffering, over and over.

o His/her life doesn’t make sense other than surviving

o Empty eyes, no sparkles

o Judging others, different people

o Complaining regularly

o Always looking for exterior elements of security

o Regularly trying to attract attention on own ego

o Sharing is difficult or rare

o Trying to control people’s lives in different creative ways

o Fear of dying

o Always trying to keep up appearances

o Not interested in what is going on outside personal boundaries

(more than 4 hits => you are part of the problem)

And how can you check if you are part of the solution:

o Makes sense in whatever happens

o Always optimistic, sparkling eyes, smiling

o Never judging others or situations

o A tendancy to trust people and events, with inner strengthening every day

o Empathic, able to listen and tune into people

o Sharing information, time, money, resources, meals

o Totally free of mind, creative and interested in everything different

o Strong health

o Strong personal power, aware of talents, strength, reason of being, contributing to common good

o Feels connected with everyone and everything

o Able to slow down, and enter in communion with life, with food, with nature, with people

o Able to co-create, to share creations and enterprizes, to collaborate sustainably

(over 8 hits => you are part of the solution)

Have a nice day :-)

Actually, no: apolagies to have disturbed your day, hope you’re gonna get over it…

Love you all.

Michel de Kemmeter

UHDR UniverseCity founder


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