Facing huge systemic crisis, what can you and me do ?

It is on everyone’s lips, search engines and newspapers. Soon no institution could save the governments. They were there for the banks. They can no longer follow if necessary to save Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Belgium … We have before us an appetizer in Greece that could happen to us all.
Reject that responsibility on somebody else ?
Too late.
Is to survive with our families and our businesses, here and now. We have that responsibility, each of us. There would be more “THEY”. The famous “THEY” who was there to ensure our standard of living. They are as screwed up as us.
Each of us must look in the mirror and ask “where is the best of me?” “Do I have the courage to activate it ?”.
For my greatest good and for the good of all.
Exist. Live, meet, share, dream, … for our children and grandchildren. For all the living, for the earth.
All future scenarios are likely to be short-circuited by elements that we do not know yet. That will accelerate a process that we have not yet had the courage to start. The revelation of the best in you.
Because of fear …
So let’s join together around new ideas for sustainable experimenting of new models, testing, validating them against our feelings of “justess”.
Without waiting to be forced by events.
Let’s analyse:
– What are the most important things for me?
– How to implement them in my life?
– With whom?
– Major human qualities needed?
– How to develop them (yes, because it is the obligatory detour !!!)

Daily produce Human Value Added, to progress in the understanding of Sustainable Human Development.
The benefits for families, businesses, governments, the Earth will be major.

Be courageous, you are not alone in the adventure … join the networks of the future.