Human Added Value and Sustainable Human Development – a systemic application of quantum physics in business & society

In every organisation, in every person, in every business area there are 2 parts:

  1. A tangible, material, localized, separated, visible part – so-called « Yang », connected to earth and classical physics
  2. An intangible, immaterial, non-local unified, interconnected, invisible part – so-called « Yin », connected to consciousness and quantum physics

This new mapping (illustration) allows a precise definition and opens up work areas for:

  1. Sustainable development of the « system », whether it’s a human being, an organisation, a country, or humanity itself
  2. The creation of a « rounder » unity-based manifestation of one’s excellence, its coherence, its « raison d’être »

This work can start when there is enough incoherence (personal or corporate disease) and quest for improvement of one’s life, or an organisation’s survival.

Most of the time it starts with a lack of sustainable performance. Instead of focusing on the performance itself, a detour is asked through « meaning, purpose, finality ». Answering the questions « what are you on this earth for; what makes you (your project) truly different; what will you be proud of in 30 years time; how does it contribute to common good ? ». This detour through defining the vision of the universe you want to create will empower the subject (whether it’s a person, a company, or a country) to go over difficult questioning and change.

Then, the question of sustainability of relations is posed: with partner, clients, employees, stakeholders, citizens, etc. What makes relations crisis-proof ? Sharing of values, of passion for life, job and projects, for encounter and learning,… Again, this detour of mapping what is truly important for all stakeholders has a very strong effect on relations. It opens space for emergence of the new, the true, the genuine.

And at last, sustainable being. Health (personal, corporate, collective), personal and collective coherence. This means that we have found our vocation. And everything we do will be aligned with this personal and collective power because the question of identity has been answered and all stakeholders agree on this « star » the subject will follow. It’s a vertical alignment inspired by trees. Connected to roots, origin, earth, and growing towards collective good, developing consciousness on the way, eventually producing fruit. It takes some time to reconnect to self-awareness, self knowledge, to individual and collective intuition.

The processes and tools behind this design are new (or very old – depending how we look at it), and can today be enriched by models adapted to today’s world, making it comprehensible and accessible to anybody: online software, practical workshop formats, activating individual and collective intelligences. The animation and guidance of these of course ask a great deal of personal coherence. But everybody can help everybody in this quest for a new humanity connected with the earth and with collective consciousness.

Practical applications we are developing for the moment:

Health care: health coaching and prevention through education of general practitioners and teachers, complementing pharmaceuticals.

Sport: detecting which sport develop which human qualities so much necessary for self-development and leadership

Accounting: a new referential, Triple Accounting, including mapping of goodwill, emotion capital and knowledge capital, and relation to earth

Corporate training and education: workshops to develop the « whole person », from self-awareness to corporate responsibility and leadership through mutual- and experiential learning in all its forms.

Construction: some values and human qualities are absolutely necessary on job sites to make projects a success. We assess them and assist teams to enhance them.

CSR: a precise mapping of how personal qualities can add value to corporate projects, through detours of chosen Csr-actions on the field

Coaching: detecting which are the specific qualities creating glass ceiling for personal evolution, and develop them

Risk management: which are the qualities that will enable companies to react constructively on « black swans », the power of the imprivisible – and how to prepare the teams

Pre-seniors and seniors: what is the future « raison d’être » of our elderly population, and actives roles they can take in a changing society, and without waiting, activate potential in pre-senior populations in professional contexts

Outplacement: detecting and activating latent talent in people getting to rethink their career

Governing: advicing governments in positioning regions and countries in their specificity and unmanifested potential