Making money facilitating societal transition – Play an active role with social innovation in alliance with large organisations

How to get attention from big clients?
How to present new concepts?
Create forum around your “paradigm shift” project.
Systemic understanding.
How to bring Human Added Value and Sustainable Human Development into traditional organisations with your project?
How to create « carrying surface » for your project?
How to mobilize people sustainably around your project?
How to mobilize people around deeper human values?
Create community around your project.

A big wave of emerging initiatives is growing day after day. Too much marginalized for the moment. Corporations and large administrations and NGO’s need urgently innovative ideas and « blood ». One of the challenges is to articulate intelligently these small initiatives with larger organisations which need ideas, passion, and implementation capacity without large costs.

Bringing Meaning – Vision

– Creativity & wiki open innovation: what social innovation can bring is a complete new perspective on their business, on how human values can enrich their old business model. Old paradigm pyramidal control-based organisations are not used to share information with outside partners (closed innovation). They should be educated on this new way of dealing « open source », to a new gouvernance of « common purpose » and win-win.
– Strong & simple concept: we should be pragmatic enough to go down to earth, to the fertility of their added value on the field. This should be done in a very simple way, grounded by material evidence.
– Explicit original intuition and drive: ideas are not enough, but should be presented in an accessible way. Strong and simple
– Opening space for emergence (field & forum): one of the differentiating aspects should be the quality of the space opened (confidentiality, heart, openness, quality of listening and of relation, depth of the experience,..)
– No judgement: the basic attitude towards « them » should be including, non judgemental, collaborative, joining forces.
– Systemics: be careful, systems should be explicited so you are protected in your work with « them » (constellation systemic).
– Human Added Value (HAV) & Sustainable Human Development (SHD): we should bring, in addition to their traditional business and added value measured in €, a cartography of the human added value, measured in « feeling », which enhances client & employee loyalty, quality of teams, corporate image.
– Intellectual property and coherence: open source is by definition open and protecting knowledge is hard. Use author’s right on designs and keep strong brands, but don’t waste time with patents if it’s not 100% necessary. Your competitive edge should be your personal coherence, making the difference. It will guarantee you 1 to 3 years advance on your partners.

Mobilizing Passion

– Broaden the surface of the project – mobilizing people & resources carried by your passion (there where it is rare in corp): in open, and especially « soft » innovation, the margins are low and thus need a larger surface for enable carrying teams. Allying several players in a win-win deal will provide total or part of the answer.
– Mobilizing passion around deeper values (touch & open up the heart): the central axis should always be the heart. In between head and body, in between ideas and product/service, the heart allows people and companies to « breathe ».
– Corp ID: should be « shining ». People are bored and demotivated. Your drive will be a breath of fresh air. Your cogerence will be a solid rock on which partners and teams can build. Trust, radiance, non judgement, empathy, human vision.

Implement Action

– Create community: groups of people around a commun vision. Clearly define sharing of the input and of the revenues.
– Meet marginal underused resources with unmet human need: lots of costs can be saved by activating « sleeping » resources. These can be fit with needs in your business model.
– Activate talent & Human Added Value (HAV) from core of business: in relation to the essence of the business and added value, develop complementary HAV to the core business itself, and intimately merge it with the business model.
– Security & comfort in emergence – patience: big part of the job will be to deal with limitating beliefs of the client. And if further innovation or emergence is included in the process, invite them to come up with enough patience to let the « new » emerge at its rythm.
– Experimenting- reassure- encouraging: prepare the management of fears of the client with concrete arguments.
– Resources (time & money): helping them activating internal resources (payroll, existing budgets, premises,..)
– NIH (not invented here) vs. Integrating innovation: a big challenge is to come up with innovations from outside, get them inside and adopted, and stay as a partner without being distanced, but at the same time implement a « chemistry » to have the partner integrated the ideas in their own model.
– Alliances with large organisations – refreshing innovation capacity, strategies:
° Virus
° Trojan horse
° Usual suspect activation
° Intra- & Extrapreneurship
° Spin Off