Our children will rebuild the world after BIG CRASH: their conditions

– by Michel de KemmeterUHDR UniverseCity

With or without us?
Will they refuse the heritage?
Will we be in the game or not?

1. Become humble: if we continue to “play bosses”, we will not. They will be better off without us: faster, more efficient, creating value. We will have to humbly listen to stay in.

2. Playing: they are not there to be bored. They will make fun, play, passionate, mobilizing, motivating and encouraging. You do not catch bees with vinegar. The seduction operation will be the other way – with good reasons…

3. Think and work in 3D: the linear is “has been”. 3D, business-ecosystems, the “stakeholder model” are in.

4. Working for common good: the agenda will be placed at the top – at “common good”, contribution to a noble goal – and not to the individual wallet. This KPI has become totally sociopathic.

5. Create multiple value streams: the Generation Z will not only focus on one value stream, they want to do more with more. More creative, more attentive, more suitable, more effective, more personalized, more human progress, more value(s).

6. Continuous Learning: the world has never changed so quickly. Youngsters learn as much as their boss in two years, whereas before 15 years were needed. Seniors will have to be at least as fast to stay in the game. Otherwise, well otherwise, we will go to waste.

7. Dare: they are not interested in sissies, who dare not dive into action. Will have to show a little more courage than before…

Good luck.