Our History

In 2001, right in the middle of the real estate boom, Wise Holding founder Michel de Kemmeter contemplated his young children and questioned the “heritage” he’d leave behind. He decided to move on from the world of real estate, and to instead invest in human development and play a role in the economic transition. This time, however, it would be in the service of others, to give out the best of himself with passion and excellence. First his children, and then for everyone else…

This marked an important turning point in his personal and professional life. He could not imagine the next chapter of the economy without considering the power of the human spirit behind every decision. Step by step, he develops with his partners the keys and the tools to transition towards a coherent economy relevant to our times.



Invention of the Motivation Wheel model and the publication of the first book


First experimental workshops Equitao, Arborotao and Golfotao, performed in 6 countries


Invention of the Company Culture Coherence model - align what I do, what I say and who I am, as an individual, project or corporation


Conception of the approach and algorithm for the valorisation of intangible assets in a company, Triple Compatibility and then 7D-Value (performed across 3 continents)


Conception of Sustainable Human Development


Conception of the Systemic Economy


First Systemic Economy Summit


First season of Extrapreneurs


First season of the Club of Brussels