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What is Extrapreneurs?

Extrapreneurs is the chance to participate in new and sustainable projects supported by large companies. This innovative incubator is backed by action-learning on economic transition, coaching, expert-forums and more!

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Club of Brussels

We are in the middle of an economic transition: it is necessary to prepare sustainable foundations for the future of our children, companies, and society in general. We face new challenges such as:

  • Continued economic stagnation
  • Massive destruction of jobs through automatization and digitalization.
  • Loss of passion among citizens and loss of confidence in political affairs.
  • The growing scarcity of material resources.

To answer these challenges, Wise Holding is developing a think tank with key stakeholders of the traditional and transitional economy: the Club of Brussels.

This Think Tank aims to be a new “school of economic thought” in a similar vein as to those created by Marx and Keynes. The Club of Brussels brings together inspired thinkers and activators of tomorrow to:

  • Form a new movement of progressive economic thought.
  • Create a bridge between international leaders and thinkers with the intention of creating new social and economic solutions to global problems.
  • To regularly produce inspiring publications and reports.
  • To inspire the political and entrepreneurial world.
  • To bring together academia, politics, economic leaders, the coming generation, philosophers and scientists.


Participation for the Club of Brussels is personal, confidential and exclusive. If you wish to be a part of it, send a motivational letter to Michel de Kemmeter at : michel@uhdr.net

7D- Personal

The 7D-Personal is a tool combining personal development, engagement and collective intelligence inside companies.

This tool is a complement to the 7D-Value, helping users of the methodology work on group and individual dynamics, alongside communication within the organization.

The 7D-Perso is a program of set over three working days, interspersed with exercises.


We customize our program according to your needs and expectations. For more information, please contact Olivia at olivia@uhdr.net


With globalization and digitalization, our world becomes more and more complex; risk management is also facing a deep change. Threats to companies and governments are getting more abstract: damaged reputations, scandals, cyberattacks, burn-out among employees… However, there is currently no way to effectively analyze these non-physical risks.

The 7D-Risk algorithm is a response to this obstacle.

Analyzing all available information on an organization, the 7D-Risk project finds and then calculates in financial terms the immaterial risks to which it is exposed. We then help our clients cover their risk through training courses, practical actions, and insurance products in cooperation with our partners.


For more information, contact Michel: michel@uhdr.net