Solutions for a sustainable future already exist…

Hyperconductors, cheap energy storage and production, mutual learning and health prevention technology, neurosciences, sustainable affordable habitat, co-creation techniques, sustainable governing.

BUT. They challenge patriarcal organisations, strict limiting beliefs of people stuck in ego and power, economy and financial systems.

No wonder good sustainable ideas are wiped out, bought and buried, or need superhuman powers to survive or emerge.

Collective consciousness is rizing quickly and “pushing up” these new paradigms. One condition for success: decide to go behind the mirror of appearances. Of our own lives, of global issues, of specific corporate and society issues. Detect purpose, meaning, driven by passion and love, translated in concrete actions and pilot projects making sens for everyone.

We need a “tipping point” enough of people willing to reconnect with Mother Earth, with Common Good, and with love for themselves, for the others and for the living. Very very tough in these periods of fear, doubt, and anger. When crisis is going to be really tough, 2 groups of, people will be created: the fearful, and the confident. If the fearful win, humanity is in danger, if the confident win, we are going to enter a fabulous world for our selves and for our children.

Your decision:

– matriarchal sharing values, or patriarchal controlling power

– sharing or competing

– autonomous leadership or dependance

– fulfilment or stress

Up to you.

Systemic crisis is just an invitation for a quantum-leap in consciousness.

New paradigm don’t arrive by chance. It’s first our individual decision.

Responsible leadership is needed for seriously sustainable transition management.

Disruptive innovation in business models and societal organisation are at our doors.


Michel de Kemmeter