Test: are you part of the problem, or part of the solution ?

Yes or no ?

1. You are learning new skills every month

2. You are questioning your beliefs every day

3. You are sustainably collaborating with people you never thought of 10 years ago

4. You are talking to and learning from kids under 20

5. You are regularly talking to and learning from people of another religion or from another race

6. You regularly give away your knowledge, teach or learn somethong to others without counting

7. You are regularly talking to and learning from people with a totally different job as yours

8. You are aware of your specific talents, and use them every day to contribute to common good

9. You live your deepest passion at least once a week

10. You take quality time for yourself (>15 min) every day

11. You practise a spiritual learning or personal development every week

12. You trust life, and turn around every difficult event into strong learning

You have less than 6 yes: you are part of the problem, and close to becoming marginal, outcasted, a burden to society.

More than 7: you are on the right way…

More than 10: thank you very much, you are part of the solution, go on and be aware that we need you, that you are important for our future.

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