The psychology of what is going on in Israël, a promised land…

promised land

In 12 short “double points”:

1a. Knowledge: a deep penetration of press, media, intelligence, R&D, think tanks, foundations, lobbies, geostrategy – there is a need of knowing everything about everybody. This knowledge is being channeled into partner companies and political interests, to control more of the world.

1b. Purpose: the true issues are getting discussed and shared in confidential spaces. When existing power is touched and challenged, protaginists are “taken out”. But true answers are veiled by egos – for the moment. The true issue is how we can live in peace with “the different”; how dogma’s and collective limiting beliefs can be broken through, to unite in a global project for humanity and earth – for the living.

2a. Passion: when things are happening, observe passions rizing, passions energizing death and war… Can we not channel this energy into love?

2b. Happyness: every parent want their kid to be happy, Every person – deep inside – want to love, want love. Can we not find the door to our hearts together ?

3a. Judgement: wasn’t King Solomon was a jew? Didn’t he have a wise and just way to deal with issues, 3000 years ago ? Today we judge our neigbours, even without case or proof. Who are we to judge, to position ourself above God ? Even God does not judge…  Why are we afraid of others ?

3b. Non judgement, acceptance: this will be the beginning of healing of 5000 years of collective suffering, hatred, death, seperation. Accept our differences, join forces, like matter and antimatter, thus creating huuuge energy.

4a. Security: a big fear of insecurity is there both sides. Also true in each of us. Deep disconnexion from our earth, our personal promised land. Stopping us from a strong and true fulfilment and growth. But every tree needs roots and protected connexion with earth. No wall, no bullet-proof jacket, no missiles, no radar system will protect anybody against himself… non of this can give true security.

4b. Trust & confidence: inner security. Deep strength. A capacity of trusting another human being, trust life itself, trust events as being signals for all of us to learn. This is the next must-have inner quality. Those who do not cultivate this trust & confidence will be the next outcasts.

5a. Communication, social: we have been doing “peace talks” for the last 60 years… but there has been nothing else than suffering, war, mutual provocations and non comprehension. Why is it that in this era of hypercommunication we are not able to communicate, to talk and sort things out ?

5b. Sharing: what do we truly share ? How can we create quality space where we can truly encounter, as “normal” and open human beings ?

6a. Beliefs: we frenetically hold on to our customs, our belief patterns, our conditioning, our culture. Because thinking differently puts us in un-ease. Why does it ? In this era of globalisation, why is it that we cannot understand other cultures ? It should be stimulating in problem-solving situations, instead of deranging.

6b. Freedom: till we let go our attachment to old beliefs, we cannot be free. We can be free in appearance, but imprisoned inside. We can respect beliefs, and at the same time let go our attachments and expectations. It’s such a great feeling.

7a. Food & resources: war on land, on food, on resources, on water. Make the desert fertile. Stragegic issues. Alimentation for enclaved territories: vital. Otherwise people will starve. Even though fasting is in both cultures, it shouldn’t last too long…

7b. Communion: but how come we are not able to share food together, a nice dinner? Enjoy nicely cooked food, full of motherly love ? What would it take to do so, and to invite at our table the stranger, the different, the other ?

8a. Power & control: control through violence and guns, with terror from both sides, an eye for an eye, a man for a man, one more at the time. Control with money blackmail. Just to make our ego strong and avoid looking inside and clean up. Preferring to die instead of letting go. On the other hand, a real skill to make money, invest it intelligently, and use it as a power-tool.

8b. Personal power, excellence: true power is personal excellence, connected leadership, contributing to common good of communities with our mastery. True lessons learned of 5000 years of history, sharing these with the world, that would be so good.

9a. Perception: 5 senses activated to percieve what is going on around us. Individual and collective perception. From spying to observing others, from wiretapping to staying tuned into important tendancies… what do you know about what’s going on “behind the wall” ? The good things, the valuable insights about true issues ?

9b. Intuition: what do you feel about what’s going on? Are you happy with what you feel ? Are you tuned into whats important?

10a. Recognition: we want to be recognized as people, as a culture, as a piece of history, as individuals. Exist in out identity. Otherwise we feel rejected and become agressive.

10b. Resonance, empathy, coherence: but are we able to tune into people, empathically, emotionally ourselves ? We can only get back what we give, like a swing. Good things will come back to us, but bad things too. True power is being able to be coherent in our specific uniqueness, and being able to be 100% available for what’s coming to us.

11a. Creation: the state of Israel was “re-created” in 1948, and build + expanded ever since. With the collateral damage we know. On “the other side”, the palestinians too build what they could. Destruction occured on both sides, creating sufferings, hurting hearts and egos. But both peoples are there, and have an identity and scream for their existence.

11b. Co-creation: can we co-create, with all our diversity and collective intelligence, a sustainable world we will be proud of for our children, making them happy?

12a. Promised land is everywhere – it’s our earth. The graal is inside us, it’s the emptyness inside, capable of feeling the other – from where future true life is emerging. The flood is happening as we speak, with purifying water, killing and healing at the same time. Whether we like it or not. Sodom & Ghomorrah is being destroyed. All the fears, the egos, the meaningless, including the people carrying it. Whether you like it or not. Destroyed by collective consciousness for a better world, by love, by a deep desire to contribute to common good. All these beings dying are our personal doubles, our personal “devils” as my son says.

They are part of us. All we can do is pray.

Keep up with love. Open your heart.

But it’s easier to find a “guilty” and hit him, and blame him for all our troubles. Is is intellectual and/or emotional lazyness, or do we do it on purpose ? In both cases, its a basic human crime.

There will be peace in te world when there will be peace in Israel. That’s maybe why they were chosen. Or is it the opposite ? Up you you to answer…

Now up to you: what is point 12b. ?

Michel de Kemmeter

UHDR UniverseCity founder

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