The yin-yang economy revisited

Economy is conditioned and driven by invisible forces: values, belief patterns, desires, motivation,…

We are “locked” on profit, money, balance sheets, equity, and short term viability. But the important stuff is happening in the invisible world.

To be able to surf on the tsunami’s heading to us, without drowning, we first need to dive into the intangible, immaterial side of our businesses: meaning, values, identity, roots.

And re-align them on:

– earth connection: what do I take, and give back?

– body of the business: what needs do we have to answer in our business ?

– heart: which emotions will make our clients and employees vibrate “right” ? Which values do we share ?

– head: vision, knowledge, networks, new business models, …

– common good: what value do we add to society and common interest ?

We have to start with ourselves first, then with our family, then with our company, then with our governments.

This is what UHDR UniverseCity does. Most of the time under radar screens, because we bother existing business models… and walk way out of comfortable boxes. It’s not for everybody.