Towards a national complementary human economy ?

It’s on everyone’s lips: the citizen needs a governance framework which it can flourish, finding its «reason of being » and manifest it. If state budgets are limited to measuring the added value in euros, yen or dollars, the space created for people can only open a limited extent. Things do not become important until the moment they are measured.
Measure health of people and not just illness
Measure education in life skills and not only his knowledge and expertise
Measure quality of governance and values, not just the number of political party cards
Measure personal growth and not only their material production
Measure confidence in state, employer and not just his salary
This little detour through the essential questions will be very beneficial !
And everyone can contribute with the best of himself to the common good.
That’s what UHDR UniverseCity began to map, and we will propose a simple and effective tool for governments.