The Value of Time – Efficient Time Management

2015 is on its way. Very quickly…As many might say “Time flies!”.

Indeed it does. Nevertheless, few of us value it wisely. A lot of other resources are unlimited. Or if reaching low level, can be find back.

Time has not this privilege. Once wasted, wasted. It won’t come back.

Therefore use it wisely! Value it as you would value any other resource. A lot of literature and articles exist on how to better manage meetings, agendas, e-mails, etc…but…

How to value your time?

Here is an easy quick 3-steps process:

1. Does the action required create value for me? (in whatever possible way)

Does it make sense for me? For my evolution? Does it add an asset on any 7D level?


2. Is it the right moment?

Maybe it creates value but the timing is not right. No resources, other focus, not the priority of your counterpart, …


3. Either act, or put it in your agenda!


On the other hand, if you cannot answer positively to any of these questions, take the exit. Your time is better valued with another option.