When I started to want to change the world, I was angry against top managers because they would keep us in slavery. Then I met them and they told me they were under pressure of their board: more profit.

I went to see them and they said: we are under pressure of the shareholders.

I went to see those, pension funds, banks, investment funds, and they told me: “we are under pressure of you guys”. You want a high return on investment for your pensions and bank accounts…

The circle is closed.

Yes, I want good management of my money. But I don’t want to be in slavery… every day under financial pressure.

OK so then I went to the politics. They told me: we have to say things you want to hear, to get votes,… therefore we cannot manage long term issues. We don’t dare to adress issues that are truly important but very unpopular. Because then you come down in the streets.


So eventually I went to church: they told me they have a promise with no client support because it’s for afterdeath: heaven. Nobody ever came back to complain they said.

But what about now, today ?

Ouf – so then I went to schools, because they format our kids: teachers told me they cannot manage individual talent so they prefer to push static knowledge into their brains. Please no individual participation or critical discussions. Knowledge and formatting is central, not people and individual talent.

Then I went back to HR people in corporations. They tell me they want empowered people, “leaders”, but not too much because then they challenge existing structures… and they are difficult to manage…

Then I went around and around, and met all the same people over and over again… They all say, “it’s not me it’s the others. “

So then I said “fuck you all” because I realized I was big brother myself, and started to change my own beliefs and perspectives. And little by little, I became free. I started to see the same little by littles around me, in companies, in politics, in schools.

This is why I believe in people, in future: because I can start with myself.