Why bitcoins, Lets, and other complementary currencies are just another lie


In 4 points:

1. The human attachment shifts from one currency to another, just another psychological transfer of greed, expectation, fear – another expression of scarcity in peoples’ minds and hearts. Nothing new.

2. The original impluse, the intention at the creation of the currency itself is not always service to common good, often (and its the case for bitcoins), it’s just another way to gain power and to speculate, another way to “make millions on no time…”. This cannot seriously anchor such an important issue as a currency, in this era of time. Measuring and creating human added value would be a better basic intention. Nothing new.

3. Interconnectedness lacks. The new era is entering collaboration paradigms. How interconnected is the currency with surrounding, with communities. It should flow freely inside ecosystems. Nothing new.

4. The currency should be able to create value at several levels: emotional, social, earth, communication, knowledge,… it is still “business as usual…

Another dead-born currency.

That’s why we still have to do our homework concerning what we expect from a currency, how we want to use it, capitalize it, what value we want to monetize and measure with it.

Do we want to clone the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Fed, but with another packaging and lie over and over again, or do we truly want to mark history with a currency which creates true human value and progress ?

Michel de Kemmeter

UHDR UniverseCity founder

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