Why is purpose so motivating for people ?

After testing several approaches on enhancing engagement and motivation in teams, I have measured that purpose is the most powerful vector to drive someone. Check out this video of Seligman, he illustrates this topic beautifully:

My explanation is very simple: the purpose of a team, of a company, the “reason of being”, the way we can contribute to “something bigger than us”, is just the closest we can get to our own personal agenda, of our soul, of our personel “reason of being” here on this planet.

I can refine this by saying that I feel deeply that I am a soul, incarnated in a physical body, with a purpose to grow, to evolve, and that everything – all this learning – will be carried with me after my death, except of course the possible material accumulation during my life – that’s for my kids to deal with…

So my life wil be flowing, always in the direction of what my soul “had in mind :-)” just before diving into my mother’s womb…

When I make the inventory of the stuff I went through during my life, pragmatically lined up, it makes perfectly sense. Every ordeal or event was there to invite me to dive into a hidden dimension of life, of my personal potential. A perfect story.

So that’s why, when we talk about values, about what we really love in our job, or what we despise, what we do want and what we don’t want any more, and how we want to contribute to with our business, we touch our hearts, which is the interface with our soul… and then we speak truth. We feel again, we enter into a drive to mobilize our passion, our engagement into a common direction.

The prerequisites:

1. A choice to feel what is right and what not

2. A choice to be genuine with our deep feeling and intuition, our instinct

3. A quality of space to share this (physical space, time-space, emotional security, rules) – but on a continuous bases. not just a one-shot !

4. Humility and courage


All the best to you !

Michel de Kemmeter

UHDR UniverseCity